Friday, May 16, 2014

Old School Rap

I like old school rap.  I always have. 
As soon as I drop my kids off at school and I am all alone in my car (and by car, I mean minivan that is leaking goldfish crackers and has the arm of a sweatshirt dragging from under a side door),  the radio station changes.This Friday morning at exactly 8:05am, I jab the 1 button.  My mouth twists into a half smile as I raise the volume, recline my seat back and take one hand off the wheel.  N2DEEP's Back to the Hotel cause my eyelids to lower and my head to bob.
I go into full White-girl chola as my imagination transforms my eyebrows into high thin arches and my button down blouse into a plain white t-shirt.  For four minutes and seven seconds I look for the goods and head to the ho down (listen, it was in the song)
...blah blah blah... sipping purple chongos.... blah blah blah blah... hit the road to the next episode.... blah blah in my sock, jimmy in the glove...blah blah...blah...gotta get some gum and some tic tacs... blah blah..
I see my neighbor in the lane next to me.  He can only see the top of my head peeping up from the side window.  Probably thinks my chair is broken.  I lift my imaginary 40 oz beer and take a swig.  That's right.  8am, sucka.
I get back to my house and see a kid walking down the street.  I mouth "Orale, holmes" to him with a slight nod.
Rolled into the driveway.  Parked my ride.
Put the key in the front pocket of my khaki capris.

Gotta figure out what a purple chongo is and start serving them to the PTA.

N2Deep "Back to the Hotel"

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